Wednesday, August 14, 2013

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What is Subitizing ?

Perceptual subitizing

Perceptual subitizing is closest to the original definition of subitizing: recognizing a number without counting. For example, children might "see 3" without using any learned mathematical knowledge.

Conceptual subitizing

But how is it that people see an eight-dot domino and 'just know" the total number? This is Conceptual subitizing. They are able to see the relationship between numbers when dealing with different quantities. These people are capable of viewing number and number patterns as units of units (Steffe and Cobb 1988).

Spatial patterns, such as those on dominoes, are one kind.

Subitizing and counting

Young children may use perceptual subitizing to make units for counting and to build their initial ideas of cardinality.
By : Marina Ho - BSc08
Seed Institute


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